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Due to the onslaught of recession that hit the whole world because of the financial and economic crisis of late, Foreclosures in Manitoba, Canada, is nothing new nowadays. It is the usual legal remedy that the mortgage lender or beneficiary […]

Manitoba Foreclosurelist

Foreclosures Canada – How To Profit With Canada Foreclosures

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Winnipeg Realtors Winnipeg Condo For Sale – Bernie Nault Winnipeg Realtor

Winnipeg Condo For Sale – Bernie Nault Winnipeg Realtor

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Winnipeg REALTORS market report for February 2013

Winnipeg REALTORS® have just released their February 2013 real estate market update for the housing and condo market in Winnipeg.. As it does every month, this real estate market report focuses on the listing and sales stats of the entire south-east corner of Manitoba, including Winnipeg, Selkirk, Steinbach and dozens of communities in this area. Lets take a look at the highlights of this real estate market report:

February MLS® unit sales were down 11% (698/781) while dollar volume decreased 6% ($178.7 million/$191.0 million) in comparison to the same month last year. Year-to-date MLS® unit sales are down 2% (1,312/1,345) while dollar volume is up less than 1% ($325.7 million/$$324.3 million) in comparison to the same period last year.

The most active residential-detached price range in February was the $250,000 to $299,999 at 22% of total sales activity. The second most active price range was from $200,000 to $249,999 at 17%. The highest residential-detached sale price was $1,075,000 and the lowest only $20,000. For condominiums, it was a tie with the $200,000 to $249,999 and $150,000 to $199,999 price ranges both having 24 sales or 25% each of total market share.

The average days on market for residential-detached sales was 27 days, 2 weeks faster than last month and one ahead of the pace set in February 2012. The average days on market for condominium sales was 46 days, 5 days slower than last month and 15 days off the turnover in February 2012. Note: A change in how condominium units are being sold and accounted for in new projects is overstating how long they have actually been on the market.

Condominium sales activity was much closer to last year as inventory was actually higher than what existed in February 2012 and conversions were similar to last year.

These are excerpt statements from the press release. For the full story, click on Winnipeg REALTORS® Press Release for February 2013

Click on these links for a look at all Remax-listed Condominiums in Winnipeg, or all Luxury Homes listed by Re/Max.

If you are looking to buy or sell, a house or a condo in Winnipeg, please call me anytime…. Bo Kauffmann (204) 333-2202

Real Estate Winnipeg Canadian Apartment Hunting Guide – Tips For First Time Renters

Welcome to the Canadian Apartment Hunting Guide. Your source for dependable information about finding and renting an apartment in Canada, especially in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Here you will find a veritable treasure trove of information to help you find what you need at a price you can afford.

Before you begin your search for an apartment, you will need to have some information in place. You will need to know what kind of apartment you want to rent. How many people will be sharing the place with you? Each person will require their own room, unless you are sexual partners. You will also need to know what your budget is for your housing needs. You will also need to know in which you wish to live and which area will keep you close to your work or school. Once you have a clear idea of how much you can afford to pay for rent, you can begin your apartment search.

Start with looking through the housing advertisements in your local newspaper. You will typically find an advertisement that says something like 2 BR, heat, hydro, inc. Unfurnished and then a location and a price. You can also find apartment rental listings online as well as in places like the local grocery store or laundromat.

Call about up to six apartments at one time. Ask important questions. Find out if your electricity is included in your rent. Ask about the heating as well, as this expense can be costly especially in winter. Find out what kind of heat the apartment has. Electric heat will be more expensive than natural gas heating, however, if your electricity is paid for with your rent, then you really do not have to worry about it when it is forty below zero.

Most apartments allow use of the refrigerator and stove that the landlord has put in. Always ask, though, if these items will be included, and make certain when you sign the agreement that these items are listed as being included in the rental agreement. The same goes with washing machines and dryers. Some apartments have them built into each apartment. Some buildings have a common laundry room where you can wash and dry your clothes. Some have none at all. Ask, and make certain any existing equipment is listed on the rental agreement.

For those who are renting for the first time, you might ask if the apartment is furnished beyond the refrigerator and stove. Some apartment complexes that have bachelor apartments may include a bed or sofa bed and possibly even a dresser and lamp in each apartment. These bachelor pads do not have much for amenities. The bathrooms are often shared with people on the same floor of the building. Some may or may not allow cooking in the private rooms, and may or may not allow cooking in a common kitchen.

Many landlords will insist on obtaining a security deposit, equivalent to the value of one month’s rent, before you can even move in. That means that you must, in essence, have the equivalent of two month’s rent ready to pay before you move in. Generally, the deposit is used toward your last month’s rent, and accrues interest throughout the term of your rental. If you should decide that the place is not what you wanted and you make a midnight move, your landlord will keep that money as they must now try to recover and to rent the apartment again.

When signing the rental agreement, especially for people who are new to renting, you will likely need someone to cosign your agreement. Generally speaking, this would be a family member who can be counted upon to pay your rent should you default on payment on your own. Once you have successfully rented an apartment several times, you will likely be able to forgo this step as you will have established your own credit history and your landlord will see that you are a good tenant to have.

When living in Toronto finding apartments for rent in Edmonton that are right for you can be difficult. Viewit can help you with your search for an apartment in Edmonton as well as Halifax apartments.

When it comes to collection of mortgage loan for real estate investment or for purchasing of any kind of property, there are lots of things you need to have at the back of your mind. You need to remember that your investment into the property you want to buy with mortgage loan is for you to make gain and become richer at the end of the day. For that reason, it is important for you to ensure that you contact only a mortgage lender that will offer you best mortgage interest possible in the Canadian mortgage market place. So, this article is about to present to you some facts about mortgage rates Canada you need to know.

Contact the Rate Specialists to Know How Much Mortgage You Can Afford
Of a truth, you need the service of reliable and reputable mortgage rate specialists when you want to collect mortgage loan. This is because working directly with mortgage lender when you want to collect mortgage loan can easily make you to regret the service at the end of the day. Since mortgage lenders are also looking for a way to make more gain through their business, they will not be able to tell you the truth about the best mortgage rate you want to collect through them. That made it important and necessary for you to link up with broker or rate specialist when you want to invest in real estate market through mortgage loan.

Deal With Mortgage Specialist Right in Your City
In Canada today, there are oodles of mortgage rate specialists in different parts, cities and province of Canada. For that reason, you need not to worry yourself by going far away from your city in order to find a mortgage rate specialist. This is because you can easily search for specialist, right in your own city. What you just need for you to find rate specialist in your city, is to pick up your internet device and search for them using your city code.

Enjoy the Perfect and Unbiased Advice of Mortgage Rate Specialists in Winnipeg
The city of Winnipeg is among the cities with oodles of mortgage rates Canada specialists. In fact, due to the many number of specialists in this city it is even difficult for one to know which of the specialists to hire for the service. So, if you are in the city of Winnipeg you can just link up with a rate specialist without having to move away from your comfort zone.

Get Your Question about Mortgage Rates Canada Answered Without Waste of Your Time
Do you have any question that is disturbing you about mortgage interest rate in Canada? If your answer is yes then, what you simply need to do is to link up with the specialists the internet in order to have your questions answered without wasting your precious time.

More so, you contact the mortgage rates Canada specialist online at any point in time due to readiness of their customer support team to render their service round the clock.

Winnipeg Real Estate Canadian Real Estate Bubble: Winnipeg

Canadian Real Estate Bubble: Winnipeg

Is Winnipeg real estate a good investment, or a bubble? Patrick reviews real estate return potential in Winnipeg, MB and grades it, in the tenth of our 2-week, 15-city cross-Canada analysis.

Winnipeg Real Estate – 4 Park Ridge Drive

A walk-through of 4 Park Ridge Drive

Winnipeg Realtors Mark Penner-Your Winnipeg Realtor

Mark Penner-Your Winnipeg Realtor

4 Moon Shadow Cove/$744,900
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Take Pride Winnipeg! – WinnipegREALTORS® Curb Appeal Winner 2013

2013 marked the sixteenth annual Winnipeg in Bloom awards. This year, over 300 entries were received, in categories ranging from residential to business, from apartment and condominium developments to community efforts. On August 24, 2013, an awards celebration was held for all entrants, with 260 people attending the event at Rainbow Stage at Kildonan Park. Fifty-one awards were presented in six categories, with some squeals of excitement coming from the crowd as winners were announced and a photo of the winning property was shown on the screen. In addition to the awards, everyone in attendance was eligible for a variety of door prizes, provided by The Home Depot. The event wrapped up with coffee and pastries provided by Starbucks Coffee.

A special moment following the awards presentation came from the Monarch Teacher Network, who released tagged monarch butterflies just outside the venue. Guests were invited to interact with these beautiful butterflies.

One key award was the Winnipeg REALTORS curb appeal award for previous winner residential. In this category, first place winners in 2011 and 2012 competed against each other in what some consider “the best of the best” category. This year’s winner was 43 Berrydale Avenue. It was an emotional win for the homeowner, who said she felt overwhelmed to be recognized.

The judges commented: This homeowner inherited her love of landscaping and decoration, along with her home, from her father. Inspired by her childhood of watching him carve beautiful handmade décor for the yard, she lovingly maintains, and adds beauty to the property every year. Guests are welcomed by an address sign in warmly stained wood, and a beautiful arbor of bright flowers. A dry creek bed winds through the property, starting at the waterwheel beside the house, curving beneath a foot bridge, and finally arriving at an over-sized wood swing for two. Whimsical details are present throughout, including an adorably carved bear, complete with floral headdress! This homeowner truly cares for her community, and her lovely property adds something so special to her neighbourhood.

Winnipeg Realtors Listing Agents in Winnipeg, top real estate agents, selling

Listing Agents in Winnipeg, top real estate agents, selling Home and Condo sellers list with realtors for several reasons. The main one is to get the most money possible. Approx. 90% of sellers list with a real estate agent

Simple Winnipeg Real Estate Explained
Today on SWRE TV I explain the concept of Simple Winnipeg Real Estate and what that means to Winnipeg home sellers. I discuss how the concept came about, and how my business model differs from many Realtors in the market place.
In summary. Simple Winnipeg Real Estate is about one on one attention with my clients from the preparation and staging of your home, to the comprehensive marketing of your, and the closing of the sale of your home.
“Committed To Helping You. It’s That Simple”

Houses For Sale in Manitoba House For Sale | 417 North Drive | Winnipeg Manitoba

House For Sale | 417 North Drive | Winnipeg Manitoba

Contact: Glen Stynyk | RE/MAX Performance Realty
p: 204.477.0100

House For Sale -780 South Drive Winnipeg MB – Cole Castelane

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Winnipeg Realtors Is It Time To Sell My Home? // Bobby L. Wall // Winnipeg Real Estate

Is It Time To Sell My Home? // Bobby L. Wall // Winnipeg Real Estate

It’s early June, 2017 and everyone is asking me… Is it time to sell?
The honest truth is: YES. Right now is an ideal time for sellers to take adavantage of the market, and buyers are still benefiting from low interest rates and reasonable prices.

I want to help you list and sell your home. Call me at 204-218-7474 and we’ll discuss the sale of your home.

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Winnipeg Realtors

Winnipeg Realtors – Find local Winnipeg Realtors in your area.

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Real Estate Winnipeg Fireplaces in Homes Their Eternal Allure

It seems that almost every adult male kid and almost every woman want a fireplace in their home. What the attraction and allure? Even if the contractor, architect or heating plumber tries to talk “sense” into the novice that fireplaces are not a good idea its to no avail Common sense is that a fireplace is an area of unnecessary dirt and draft, which is like a hole for fuel and money to escape through the chimney rooftop it is almost to no avail and common sense. Even the most energy conscious people it seems – even “green types’ seem to love a fire and fireplaces. Perhaps its rustic, perhaps it harkens back to mankind’s beginning and the necessity for and the ultimate power of fire – no one in the heating or construction business can ever figure it out. Fireplaces it seems are one of home contractors and the heating trades greatest enigmas when it comes to consumers and home builders.

No doubt from the very start of mankind’s beginnings and origins the fireplace or “hearth” has been at the very center of people’s existence. To a great degree now this same meeting and eating place in our homes and abodes has developed and expanded into the role of our kitchens, living and dining rooms.

Over the eons and centuries the fireplace itself has developed and evolved from being simply a utilitarian almost necessity to being a technical high tech “tour de force” and even an icon of advanced styling , all in itself or themselves.

In the beginning the basis of fireplace function and design was simply for heat and cooking. As homes developed and expanded away from what might have been the original cave dwellings homes grew to have more than one – that is multiple rooms and even rooms with different and distinct functions. The kitchen, the bedrooms, sleeping areas, eating and recreational lounging areas or regions of the home.

Thus the role and uses of the fireplace simply evolved and moved up from heating water and food in the main area of living or encampment, Thus as different and auxiliary forms of heating and “keeping the home fires going” or in the case of electrical heat, ranges and hot water tanks – heat and warmth not even being maintained by a living and glowing hot flame, fireplaces could evolve into pieces of beauty, style and even prestige. On top of that the changes in role and status of fireplaces and fireplace design has resulted in distinct designs in their design and designs identifiable both by era and geographic locations and countries where they are built and installed. It’s no accident in Victorian England that the status of a homeowner was based on how many chimneys their home had and on top of that the taxes per fireplace chimney that they paid to the local city or municipality real estate tax agents and authorities.

Thus the enigma of the fascination for fireplaces as well as the emphasis and prestige of these once fundamentally utilitarian hearths has gone way beyond their initial roles of warmth , cooking and even survival. Fireplaces still hold a deep fascination and admiration too many if not most. Thus it’s no accident that fireplaces are both so desirable, liked and will even add a fair amount of extra value in terms of selling prices of homes on the real estate marketplace.

Noella I Snowshoe Furnasman CBC Winnipeg Heating Air Conditioning Book a Fall Furnace Inspection Today Furnaceman One Hour Heating Air Conditioning C.B.C. One Hour Furnas-man Always Manitoba Time  

Condominiums are in high demand, and there are 4 styles available.

Condos have been steadily gaining in popularity in the past few years.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, or an ’empty-nester’, there are condominiums which will suit you. Here is an overview of available styles and the differences between them:

Apartment-style: These are most often 3 stories tall or more, and are defined by having one common entrance way leading to a vestibule or halls, from where the individual suites branch off. Taller condominiums are usually built with concrete floors, which helps with the noise-reduction. Ideally, you would want a balcony so you can sit outside and enjoy some fresh air. Most have window a/c units, but the more expensive condos have central air. Something else to keep in mind is that not all condos have in-suite laundry, which is a nice option to have. They most often come with a parking stall, with underground stalls commanding a higher price. These types of condos can sometimes still be found around the $ 100,000 mark for a 1-bedroom, and $ 160.000 and up for a 2 BR, depending on the options. Luxury condominiums of 1400 sq ft and more can run significantly more, depending on location.

Townhouse-style: These are usually one and two story buildings, with each unit having a separate entrance. Most of these are wooden-frame buildings, the downside being that you could hear your neighbor’s tv (or amorous escapades). These condos normally have an outdoor parking stall, window a/c and usually have in-suite laundry. An average 2 BR of about 900 sq feet will run you around $ 130,000, again depending on location.

Side-by-sides: Most of these are of newer construction, and can range in price and size. Being newer buildings (usually built within the past 10 years), they also come with more options, such as c/air, attached garages, full basements and other amenities. Privacy is increased because you only share one wall with a neighbor, and most of the newer ones have pretty good sound insulation between the walls. Costs of these types of condos range from around $ 175.000 and up, again depending on location.

Stand-Alone Condos: These are what I call the ‘best of both worlds”. Essentially they are completely detached buildings, but offering all the benefits of condo-living. You have your own home, usually with all the options including attached garages etc, but no yard-work, snow-shoveling or other maintenance required. These types of condos are rare, and therefore more costly. They usually start around the $ 250,000 mark and run into the half-million dollar range.

Well, there we have the basic types and styles. The prices I have quoted are an average, based on the Winnipeg, MB Canada market, and will vary widely from city to city.

Interested in more real estate information on buying, selling or investing in houses or condominiums? For more real estate information, be sure to check out my Real Estate Blog and my Real Estate Website.
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Winnipeg Real Estate A Foreigners Guide to Renting an Apartment in Canada

So you are moving to Canada. Congratulations! Whether you are coming to Canada to go to school, for work or to be close to family, there is a lot to learn about living in Canada. Check out this great Foreigners guide to renting an apartment in Canada.

When you are looking for a place to live in Canada, there are a number of different ways to find apartment listings. In larger cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver, you will find listings in the local newspaper. The listings will be broken down into subgroups such as one bedroom, two bedroom, three bedroom or more. You can sometimes find duplexes to rent, and maybe even a condominium.

Another place you may look for rental information is at the store or laundromat. Check out the student housing office at the University or College and sometimes apartment buildings list their vacancies on a board outdoors. Try also online, where you can find apartment listings by city and even neighbourhood.

First you need to decide how many will be sharing the apartment. Your landlord will demand the names of all the people who will be living there, so be prepared to provide that information when you go see an apartment. There are limits as to how many people can live in a rental property, depending on the number of bedrooms. Find out what the limitations are in your community.

You will also need to determine what you can personally afford for your rent. When you are looking for an apartment, look at the amount that is listed as the rent. If it is unusually lower than the rest of the advertisements, it is probably because the heat and hydro costs are not included in the rent. As much as possible, try to find a place that includes heat and hydro in your rent.

When you are new to Canada, it can be difficult to find a place to rent. This is not because of your background, but because some landlords are concerned about being paid. With no background information on you, they may be reluctant to rent to you. Most landlords will run a credit check on you before they rent, so having a good credit history, wherever you may be from, can be very important. Alternately, it is important to have someone who has a good credit history, (a parent, sibling or cousin) available to co-sign for your lease. This will remove any concerns for your prospective landlord and should grease the wheels in your ability to get a good rental property.

Always ask, when looking for an apartment, what appliances are included on the property. Most will include a refrigerator or stove, most of the times both. Some may include a washing machine for your clothes and a clothes dryer. Some apartment buildings have a laundry room where tenants can wash their clothes on the premises. In smaller buildings and duplexes you may have to walk or drive to the closest laundromat to do your laundry.

When the landlord approves your application to rent their property, they will ask you for a security deposit. This deposit is usually the same value as your monthly rent, and is held by the landlord as your last month’s rent. This amount earns interest throughout the year, and the landlord must pay you the interest on that amount at the end of your lease. Your lease will normally be for a period of one year, although some leases are for less time and some are for longer.

When living in Toronto finding apartments for rent in Winnipeg that are right for you can be difficult. Viewit can help you with your search for an apartment in Winnipeg as well as apartments for rent in Edmonton.

Previously, many individuals, who wanted to buy property for themselves turned exclusively to banks for their needs. However, time has changed now. Today, with the availability of innumerable mortgage brokers, you can buy your home at ease. Mortgage brokers are specialists who lend money in exchange of debtor’s property. Your serious issues can easily be dealt with easy mortgage payments. These days, the mortgage market is becoming huge and incredibly competitive.

With thousand of centers available, it’s becoming hard to select the right one for yourself. The availability of extensive providers makes you think twice before choosing one. Essentially, it is the biggest financial decision you can likely make in your entire life.

To make the decision process easy, seek advice or consult a mortgage advisor. They are specialists who have in-depth knowledge and understanding about the entire real estate market. With expertise and experience, they are capable of looking at a range of products which can suit your requirements. This advice proves to be helpful for individuals with poor credit ratings. They can also help you in the application process, right from pre-approval to home appraisal. Of course, they charge you for their services, however, their advice is worth the money. Before choosing the one for your needs, here is a list of questions to ask the advisor:

Basic Questions To Ask The Broker

Do They Charge A Fee: Some advisors charge a fee while others make money through the lender commission. Ask whether they receive commission or not.

Are They Whole of Market: Many of the mortgages are not whole of market. Ensure that the broker gives you accurate information about each of the services they provide.

Are They Regulated: Seek advice of an advisor who is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Also, in this article, we will discuss how to decide which mortgage center is right for you. Here’s a checklist to take into consideration while choosing a mortgage center.

Qualification: Ask if they are comfortable to show their resume or personal brochure. Experience too, matters a lot. Enquire since how long they are into the business and what is their prime interest rate.

Reputation: Always enquire about what is their ranking in their current market. What is their position amongst others and what clients speak about their services.

Affiliations: Also learn whether they have any packaged discount programs or affiliations with other companies which can help you in saving your hard earned money.

Consider the aforesaid factors and look for a center online. Fill up the application form and take their services without leaving the comforts of your home. So, why to wait? Look for a reputed mortgage center in Winnipeg and own a beautiful home in no time.

The author is a well-known blogger. Here he has highlighted some of the factors which should be considered before taking up the services of a mortgage center in winnipeg.

Manitoba real estate Manhattan Beach Real Estate | Open Houses: June 4-5, 2016 | MB Confidential

Manhattan Beach Real Estate | Open Houses: June 4-5, 2016 | MB Confidential

Dave Fratello & MB Confidential present this quick video tour of the week’s new real estate listings in Manhattan Beach, California. Tours include:

508 Larsson Street
921 9th Street
128 18th Street
617 19th Street
221 21st Street
2417 Crest Drive
1517 23rd Street
1629 2nd Street
316 13th Street

To see any of these homes for sale in person, call Dave Fratello at (310) 243-6299, or contact him through

For reviews of the real estate listings in this video, see:

Manhattan Beach homes featured this week:

508 Larsson Street, Manhattan Beach
5 Beds | 6 Baths | 4,680 sqft. I Lot: 6,877 sqft.
MLS#: SB16118322
Price: $4,295,000

A quiet, private retreat that conjures feelings of a restful vacation amid the rolling hills of central Italy.


921 9th Street, Manhattan Beach
6 Beds | 5 Baths | 4,913 sqft. I Lot: 7,500 sqft.
MLS#: SB16119102
Price: $4,999,999

A newer Hill Section Cape Cod with pool.


128 18th Street, Manhattan Beach
5 Beds | 6 Baths | 4,000 sqft. I Lot: 2,697 sqft.
MLS#: SB16116189
Price: $9,000,000

Newer modern home on a lower walkstreet with ocean views.


221 21st Street, Manhattan Beach
3 Beds | 4 Baths | 1,795 sqft. I Lot: 2,699 sqft.
MLS#: SB16119382
Price: $2,999,900

Detached newer townhome with ocean views and good walkability.


2417 Crest Drive, Manhattan Beach
3 Beds | 4 Baths | 2,292 sqft. I Lot: 3,508 sqft.
MLS#: SB16118784
Price: $3,595,000

Unique and fabulous Townhome in Manhattan Beach with open floorplan and panoramic, unblockable ocean views.


1517 23rd Street, Manhattan Beach
5 Beds | 3 Baths | 3,578 sqft. I Lot: 5,869 sqft.
MLS#: SB16078488
Price: $1,999,000

East Manhattan home with a flexible, functional floorplan and pool.


1629 2nd Street, Manhattan Beach
3 Beds | 2 Baths | 1,196 sqft. I Lot: 6,650 sqft.
MLS#: SB16118531
Price: $1,478,000

A Manhattan Beach bungalow home on a flat lot nearing 7,000 sqft.


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