Manitoba real estate How to Choose the Right [Winnipeg][Manitoba] Real Estate Agent to [Sell Your Home]

How to Choose the Right [Winnipeg][Manitoba] Real Estate Agent to [Sell Your Home] When you list your [Winnipeg][Manitoba] [home for sale] beware of choosing the wrong real estate agent. This can cost you time and money. You want to hire a [Winnipeg] Real Estate agent who will promote and market your home to get as many buyers as possible. More buyers equals more demand, netting you more money. As well as marketing ability you want to hire a Real Estate agent who knows the marketplace and has specialized knowledge to advice you on the right moves to make when selling your home. [Michael Leclerc] of [Royal Lepage] shows you unique consumer programs risk free guarantees and innovative marketing techniques that create demand for homes just like yours.

What are homestead rights in real estate? | Winnipeg MB, Real Estate, Business, Life.

I teach you in this video what homestead rights are in Manitoba and how they can affect your real estate. I encourage you to watch my previous video “What is a common-law relationship?”

Homestead rights Manitoba law:

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I’m a real estate entrepreneur. I’m a sailor, snowboarder, weightlifter, and outdoorsman. Part time philosopher. I hold a real estate license to trade real estate in Manitoba. I’m a licensed Realtor and I help people buy and sell real estate (houses and condos). My main area of practice is in Greater Winnipeg.

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